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Woodul, William D., Carter, Emma, Müller, Robert, Richards, Anne F., Stasch, Andreas, Kaupp, Martin, Murphy, Damien Martin, Driess, Matthias and Jones, Cameron 2011. A neutral, monomeric germanium(I) radical. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (26) , pp. 10074-10077. 10.1021/ja204344e

Murphy, Damien Martin, McDyre, Lucia, Carter, Emma, Stasch, Andreas and Jones, Cameron 2011. A CW-EPR, ENDOR and special TRIPLE resonance study of a novel magnesium ketyl radical. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 49 (4) , pp. 159-163. 10.1002/mrc.2721

Platts, James Alexis, Overgaard, Jacob, Jones, Cameron, Iversen, Bo B. and Stasch, Andreas 2011. First experimental characterization of a non-nuclear attractor in a dimeric magnesium(I) compound. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115 (2) , pp. 194-200. 10.1021/jp109547w

Edwards, Peter Gerald, Newman, Paul David and Stasch, Andreas 2011. Coordination chemistry of an asymmetric P,N,O tridentate ligand containing primary phosphine, amine and alcohol donors. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 696 (8) , pp. 1652-1658. 10.1016/j.jorganchem.2011.01.031

Jones, Cameron, McDyre, Lucia, Murphy, Damien Martin and Stasch, Andreas 2010. Magnesium(i) reduction of benzophenone and anthracene: first structural characterisation of a magnesium ketyl. Chemical Communications 46 (9) , pp. 1511-1513. 10.1039/b922002j

Kaufhold, Oliver, Stasch, Andreas, Pape, Tania, Hepp, Alexander, Edwards, Peter Gerald, Newman, Paul David and Hahn, F. Ekkehardt 2009. Metal template controlled formation of [11]ane-P2CNHC macrocycles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (1) , pp. 306-317. 10.1021/ja807333f

Bonyhady, S. J., Green, S. P., Jones, Cameron, Nembenna, S. and Stasch, Andreas 2009. A Dimeric Magnesium(I) Compound as a Facile Two-Center/Two-Electron Reductant. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 48 (16) , pp. 2973-2977. 10.1002/anie.200900331

Jin, Guojie, Jones, C., Junk, P. C., Lippert, K. A., Rose, R. P. and Stasch, Andreas 2009. Synthesis and characterisation of bulky guanidines and phosphaguanidines: precursors for low oxidation state metallacycles. New Journal of Chemistry 33 (1) , pp. 64-75. 10.1039/b809120j

Edwards, Peter Gerald, Hahn, F. E., Limon, M., Newman, Paul David, Kariuki, Benson and Stasch, Andreas 2009. Manganese complexes of phosphino-mu-phosphido ligands. Dalton Transactions (26) , pp. 5115-5119. 10.1039/b822870a

Wallis, C., Edwards, Peter Gerald, Hanton, M., Newman, Paul David, Stasch, Andreas, Jones, C. and Tooze, R. P. 2009. Coordination chemistry of 2,6-dixylyl-4-phenylphosphabarrelene with selected transition metals. Dalton Transactions (12) , pp. 2170-2177. 10.1039/b816499a

Iglesias, Manuel Alonso, Beetstra, Dirk Johannes, Knight, James Christopher, Ooi, Liling, Stasch, Andreas, Coles, Simon J., Male, Louise, Hursthouse, Michael B., Cavell, Kingsley John, Dervisi, Athanasia and Fallis, Ian Andrew 2008. Novel expanded ring N-heterocyclic carbenes: free carbenes, silver complexes, and structures. Organometallics 27 (13) , pp. 3279-3289. 10.1021/om800179t

Coombs, N. D., Vidovic, D., Day, J. K., Thompson, A. L., Le Pevelen, D. D., Stasch, Andreas, Clegg, W., Russo, L., Male, L., Hursthouse, M. B., Willock, David James and Aldridge, S. 2008. Cationic Terminal Gallylene Complexes by Halide Abstraction: Coordination Chemistry of a Valence Isoelectronic Analogue of CO and N-2. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (47) , pp. 16111-16124. 10.1021/ja806655f

Green, Shaun Peter, Jones, Cameron and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Synthesis and structural characterisation of a soluble, metastable indium(I) halide complex, [InBr(tmeda)]. Chemical Communications (47) , pp. 6285-6287. 10.1039/b814658f

Green, Shaun Peter, Jones, Cameron and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Stable Adducts of a Dimeric Magnesium(I) Compound. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 47 (47) , pp. 9079-9083. 10.1002/anie.200803960

Jones, Cameron, Mills, D. P., Rose, R. P. and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Synthesis and structural characterisation of group 10 metal(II) gallyl complexes: analogies with platinum diboration catalysts? Dalton Transactions (33) , pp. 4395-4408. 10.1039/b715895e

Jones, Cameron, Mills, D. P. and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Flexible coordination of bulky amidinates and guanidinates towards rhodium(I): conversion of kinetic to thermodymanic isomers. Dalton Transactions (35) , pp. 4799-4804. 10.1039/b806542j

Jones, Cameron, Rose, R. P. and Stasch, A. 2008. Synthesis, characterisation and reactivity of germanium(II) amidinate and guanidinate complexes. Dalton Transactions (21) , pp. 2871-2878. 10.1039/b801168k

Jones, Cameron, Schulten, Christian and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of a eta(1)-Methylphosphaalkyne complex, [RuH(dppe)(2)(eta(1)-P CMe)][CF3SO3]. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (10) , pp. 1555-1558. 10.1002/ejic.200701330

Jones, Cameron, Schulten, Christian and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Unusual reactivity of methylphosphaalkyne (P CMe) toward digermenes and distannenes: Stepwise formations of bridged 2,3,5,6-tetraphospha-1,4-dimethylidenecyclohexanes. Inorganic Chemistry 47 (4) , pp. 1273-1278. 10.1021/ic700926u

Rose, R. P., Jones, Cameron, Schulten, C., Aldridge, S. and Stasch, Andreas 2008. Synthesis and Characterization of Amidinate-Iron(I) Complexes: Analogies with beta-Diketiminate Chemistry. Chemistry-a European Journal 14 (28) , pp. 8477-8480. 10.1002/chem.200801071

Stasch, Andreas, Forsyth, C. M., Jones, Cameron and Junk, P. C. 2008. Thermally stable lead(II) amidinates and guanidinates. New Journal of Chemistry 32 (5) , pp. 829-834. 10.1039/b718537e

Normand, Adrien T., Stasch, Andreas, Ooi, Liling and Cavell, Kingsley John 2008. Design of cationic mixed phosphine/N-Heterocyclic carbene palladium(II) pi-Allyl complexes as monoligated phosphine Pd(0) precatalysts: synthesis, structural studies, catalysis, and reactivity. Organometallics 27 (24) , pp. 6507-6520. 10.1021/om8008052

Tallis, Huw Aubrey, Newman, Paul David, Edwards, Peter Gerald, Ooi, Liling and Stasch, Andreas 2008. 1-Trimethylsilylphosphirane as a ligand and as a stable masked reagent for phosphirane. Dalton Transactions 2008 (1) , pp. 47-53. 10.1039/b715327a

Jin, Guojie, Jones, Catherine Amy, Junk, P. C., Stasch, Andreas and Woodul, W. D. 2008. Group 13 metal(I) and (II) guanidinate complexes: effect of ligand backbone on metal oxidation state and coordination sphere. New Journal of Chemistry 32 (5) , pp. 835-842. 10.1039/b718799h

Kaufhold, Oliver, Stasch, Andreas, Edwards, Peter Gerald and Hahn, F. Ekkehardt 2007. Template controlled synthesis of a coordinated [11]ane-P2CNHC macrocycle. Chemical Communications (18) , pp. 1822-1824. 10.1039/b617033a

Jones, Cameron, Junk, Peter C., Platts, James Alexis and Stasch, Andreas 2006. Four-Membered Group 13 Metal(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Analogues: Synthesis, Characterization, and Theoretical Studies. Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (7) , pp. 2206-2207. 10.1021/ja057967t

Jones, Cameron James, Junk, Peter C., Platts, James Alexis, Rathmann, Daniel and Stasch, Andreas 2005. Synthesis, characterisation and theoretical studies of amidinato-indium(I) and thallium(I) complexes: isomers of neutral group 13 metal(I) carbene analogues. Dalton Transactions (15) , pp. 2497-2499. 10.1039/B507242E

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