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Addicoat, Alishia, Thapar, Ajay, Riglin, Lucy, Thapar, Anita and Collishaw, Stephan 2020. Adult mood problems in children with neurodevelopmental problems: evidence from a prospective birth cohort followed to age 50. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 55 , pp. 351-358. 10.1007/s00127-019-01727-5

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Riglin, Lucy, Thapar, Ajay, Leppert, Beate, Martin, Joanna, Richards, Alexander, Anney, Richard, Davey Smith, George, Tilling, Kate, Stegiakouli, Evie, Lahey, Benjamin, O'Donovan, Michael, Collishaw, Stephan and Thapar, Anita 2019. Using genetics to examine a general liability to childhood psychopathology. Behavior Genetics 10.1007/s10519-019-09985-4

Riglin, Lucy, Leppert, Beate, Dardani, Christina, Thapar, Ajay, Rice, Frances, O'Donovan, Michael, Davey Smith, George, Stergiakouli, Evie, Tilling, Kate and Thapar, Anita 2019. ADHD and depression: investigating a causal explanation. Psychological Medicine 10.1017/S0033291720000665

Cooper, Miriam, Hammerton, Gemma, Collishaw, Stephan, Langley, Kate, Thapar, Ajay, Dalsgaard, Soren, Stergiakouli, Evie, Tilling, Kate, Davey Smith, George, Maughan, Barbara, O'Donovan, Michael, Thapar, Anita and Riglin, Lucy 2018. Investigating late-onset ADHD: a population cohort investigation. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 59 (10) , pp. 1105-1113. 10.1111/jcpp.12911

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Bevan Jones, Rhys, Thapar, Anita, Rice, Frances, Beeching, Harriet, Cichosz, Rachel, Mars, Becky, Smith, Daniel J., Merry, Sally, Stallard, Paul, Jones, Ian, Thapar, Ajay K. and Simpson, Sharon A. 2018. A web-based psychoeducational intervention for adolescent depression: design and development of MoodHwb. JMIR Mental Health 5 (1) , e13. 10.2196/mental.8894

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Riglin, Lucy, Collishaw, Stephan, Richards, Alexander, Thapar, Ajay K., Maughan, Barbara, O'Donovan, Michael C. and Thapar, Anita 2017. Schizophrenia risk alleles and neurodevelopmental outcomes in childhood: a population-based cohort study. Lancet Psychiatry 4 (1) , pp. 57-62. 10.1016/S2215-0366(16)30406-0

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