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Cooper, Anna, Davies, Thomas E., Morgan, David J., Golunski, Stan and Taylor, Stuart H. 2020. Influence of the preparation method of Ag-K/CeO2-ZrO2-Al2O3 catalysts on their structure and activity for the simultaneous removal of soot and NOx. Catalysts 10 (3) , -. 10.3390/catal10030294

Liu, Shikai, Gow, Isla, Davies, Thomas, Barnes, Alexandra, Meenakshisundaram, Sankar, Gong, Xiaoxiao, Howe, Alexander G. R., Dixon, Michael, Hutchings, Graham J., Kiely, Christopher J. and He, Qian 2020. Probing composition distributions in nanoalloy catalysts with correlative electron microscopy. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10.1039/D0TA00334D
Item availability restricted.

Mitchell, Claire, Terranova, Umberto, AlShibane, Ihfaf, Morgan, David John, Davies, Thomas, He, Qian, Hargreaves, Justin, Sankar, Meenakshisundaram and De Leeuw, Nora Henriette 2019. Liquid phase hydrogenation of CO2 to formate using palladium and ruthenium nanoparticles supported on molybdenum carbide. New Journal of Chemistry 43 , pp. 13985-13997. 10.1039/C9NJ02114K

Pudkon, Watcharapong, Kaowphong, Sulawan, Pattisson, Samuel, Miedziak, Peter J., Bahruji, Hasliza, Davies, Thomas E., Morgan, David J. and Hutchings, Graham J. 2019. Microwave synthesis of ZnIn2S4/WS2 composites for photocatalytic hydrogen production and hexavalent chromium reduction. Catalysis Science and Technology 9 (20) , pp. 5698-5711. 10.1039/C9CY01553A
Item availability restricted.

Shah, Parag M., Burnett, Joseph W. H., Morgan, David J., Davies, Thomas E. and Taylor, Stuart H. 2019. Ceria-zirconia mixed metal oxides prepared via mechanochemical grinding of carbonates for the total oxidation of propane and naphthalene. Catalysts 9 (5) , p. 475. 10.3390/catal9050475

Grazziotin-Soares, Renata, Nekoofar, Mohammad, Davies, Thomas, Hübler, Roberto, Meraji, Naghmeh and Dummer, Paul 2019. Crystalline phases involved in the hydration of calcium silicate-based cements: Semi-quantitative Rietveld X-ray diffraction analysis. Australian Endodontic Journal 45 (1) , pp. 26-32. 10.1111/aej.12226

Sanchez Trujillo, Felipe Juan, Alotaibi, Mohammad Hayal, Motta, Davide, Chan-Thaw, Carine Edith, Rakotomahevitra, Andrianelison, Tabanelli, Tommaso, Roldan Martinez, Alberto, Hammond, Ceri, He, Qian, Davies, Thomas, Villa, Alberto and Dimitratos, Nikolaos 2018. Hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition in the liquid phase using Pd nanoparticles supported on CNFs with different surface properties. Sustainable Energy and Fuels 2 (12) , pp. 2705-2716. 10.1039/C8SE00338F

Parmentier, Tanja, Dawson, Simon, Malta, Grazia, Lu, Li, Davies, Thomas E., Kondrat, Simon A., Freakley, Simon, Kiely, Christopher J. and Hutchings, Graham John 2018. Homocoupling of phenylboronic acid using atomically dispersed gold on carbon catalysts: catalyst evolution before reaction. ChemCatChem 10 (8) , pp. 1853-1859. 10.1002/cctc.201701840

Campisi, Sebastiano, Sanchez Trujillo, Felipe Juan, Motta, Davide, Davies, Thomas, Dimitratos, Nikolaos and Villa, Alberto 2018. Controlling the incorporation of phosphorus functionalities on carbon nanofibers: effects on the catalytic performance of fructose dehydration. C 4 (1) , 9. 10.3390/c4010009

Perea Marin, Raimon, Kondrat, Simon A., Gallagher, James R., Enache, Dan I., Smith, Paul John, Boldrin, Paul, Davies, Thomas Edward, Bartley, Jonathan Keith, Combes, Garry B., Williams, Peter B., Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Claridge, John B., Rosseinsky, Matthew J. and Hutchings, Graham John 2013. Preparation of Fischer–Tropsch supported cobalt catalysts using a new gas anti-solvent process. ACS Catalysis 3 (4) , pp. 764-772. 10.1021/cs4000359

Marin, Raimon P., Kondrat, Simon A., Pinnell, Rebecca K., Davies, Thomas Edward, Golunski, Stanislaw E., Bartley, Jonathan Keith, Hutchings, Graham John and Taylor, Stuart Hamilton 2013. Green preparation of transition metal oxide catalysts using supercritical CO2 anti-solvent precipitation for the total oxidation of propane. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 140 , pp. 671-679. 10.1016/j.apcatb.2013.04.076

Shokouhinejad, N., Nekoofar, Mohammad Hosein, Razmi, H., Sajadi, S., Davies, Thomas Edward, Saghiri, M. A., Gorjestani, H. and Dummer, Paul Michael Howell 2012. Bioactiviy of endosequence root repair material and bioaggregate. International Endodontic Journal 45 (12) , pp. 1127-1134. 10.1111/j.1365-2591.2012.02083.x

Conte, Marco, Xu, Bin, Davies, Thomas Edward, Bartley, Jonathan Keith, Carley, Albert Frederick, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Khalid, Kharim and Hutchings, Graham John 2012. Enhanced selectivity to propene in the methanol to hydrocarbons reaction by use of ZSM-5/11 intergrowth zeolite. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 164 , pp. 207-213. 10.1016/j.micromeso.2012.05.001

Kondrat, Simon A., Shaw, Greg, Freakley, Simon J., He, Qian, Hampton, Joanna, Edwards, Jennifer Kelly, Miedziak, Peter John, Davies, Thomas Edward, Carley, Albert Frederick, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Kiely, Christopher John and Hutchings, Graham John 2012. Physical mixing of metal acetates: a simple, scalable method to produce active chloride free bimetallic catalysts. Chemical Science 3 (10) , pp. 2965-2971. 10.1039/c2sc20450a

Yip, Lydia, Kubczyk, Tomasz M., Davies, Thomas Edward, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Apperley, David C. and Graham, Andrew E. 2012. Nanoporous aluminosilicate mediated transacetalization reactions: application in glycerol valorization. Catalysis Science & Technology 2 (11) , pp. 2258-2263. 10.1039/c2cy20188g

Haider, Muhammad, Dummer, Nicholas, Zhang, Dazhi, Miedziak, Peter John, Davies, Thomas Edward, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Willock, David James, Knight, David William, Chadwick, David and Hutchings, Graham John 2012. Rubidium- and caesium-doped silicotungstic acid catalysts supported on alumina for the catalytic dehydration of glycerol to acrolein. Journal of Catalysis 286 , pp. 206-213. 10.1016/j.jcat.2011.11.004

Solsona, Benjamín, Garcia, Tomás, Aylón, Elvira, Dejoz, Ana M., Vázquez, Isabel, Agouram, Said, Davies, Thomas Edward and Taylor, Stuart Hamilton 2011. Promoting the activity and selectivity of high surface area Ni-Ce-O mixed oxides by gold deposition for VOC catalytic combustion. Chemical Engineering Journal 175 , pp. 271-278. 10.1016/j.cej.2011.09.104

Ntainjua Ndifor, Edwin, Davies, Thomas Edward, Garcia, Tomas, Solsona, Benjamin Espriu and Taylor, Stuart Hamilton 2011. The Influence of platinum addition on nano-crystalline ceria catalysts for the total oxidation of naphthalene a model polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Catalysis Letters 141 (12) , pp. 1732-1738. 10.1007/s10562-011-0710-3

Tang, Zirong, Kondrat, Simon A., Dickinson, C., Bartley, Jonathan Keith, Carley, Albert Frederick, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Davies, Thomas Edward, Allix, M., Rosseinsky, M. J., Claridge, J. B., Xu, Z., Romani, S., Crudace, M. J. and Hutchings, Graham John 2011. Synthesis of high surface area CuMn2O4 by supercritical anti-solvent precipitation for the oxidation of CO at ambient temperature. Catalysis Science & Technology 1 (5) , pp. 740-746. 10.1039/c1cy00064k

Kubczyk, T. M., Williams, S. M., Kean, J. R., Davies, Thomas Edward, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton and Graham, Andrew E. 2011. Nanoporous aluminosilicate catalyzed Friedel-Crafts alkylation reactions of indoles with aldehydes and acetals. Green Chemistry 13 (9) , pp. 2320-2325. 10.1039/c1gc15669a

Taylor, M. N., Carley, Albert Frederick, Davies, Thomas Edward and Taylor, Stuart Hamilton 2009. The Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane Using Vanadium Oxide Supported on Nanocrystalline Ceria. Topics in Catalysis 52 (12) , pp. 1660-1668. 10.1007/s11244-009-9307-0

Miedziak, Peter John, Tang, Zirong, Davies, Thomas Edward, Enache, Dan I., Bartley, Jonathan Keith, Carley, Albert Frederick, Herzing, Andrew A., Kiely, Christopher John, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton and Hutchings, Graham John 2009. Ceria prepared using supercritical antisolvent precipitation: a green support for gold-palladium nanoparticles for the selective catalytic oxidation of alcohols. Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (45) , pp. 8619-8627. 10.1039/b911102f

Tang, Zi-Rong, Jones, Christopher David, Aldridge, James K. W., Davies, Thomas Edward, Bartley, Jonathan Keith, Carley, Albert Frederick, Taylor, Stuart Hamilton, Allix, Mathieu, Dickinson, Calum, Rosseinsky, Matthew J., Claridge, John B., Xu, Zhongling, Crudace, Mandy J. and Hutchings, Graham John 2009. New nanocrystalline Cu/MnOx catalysts prepared from supercritical antisolvent precipitation. ChemCatChem 1 (2) , pp. 247-251. 10.1002/cctc.200900195

Solsona, B., Davies, Thomas Edward, Garcia, T., Vazquez, I., Dejoz, A. and Taylor, Stuart Hamilton 2008. Total oxidation of propane using nanocrystalline cobalt oxide and supported cobalt oxide catalysts. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 84 (1-2) , pp. 176-184. 10.1016/j.apcatb.2008.03.021

Davies, Thomas Edward, Garcia, Tomas, Solsona, Benjamin Espriu and Taylor, Stuart Hamilton 2006. Nanocrystalline cobalt oxide: a catalyst for selective alkane oxidation under ambient conditions. Chemical Communications (32) , pp. 3417-3419. 10.1039/b606973h

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