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Kizgin, Hatice, Jamal, Ahmad, Dwivedi, Yogesh K. and Rana, Nripendra P. 2020. The impact of online versus offline acculturation on purchase intentions: a multigroup analysis of the role of education. Journal of Business Research 10.1016/j.jbusres.2020.05.011
Item availability restricted.

Kizgin, Hatice, Dey, Bidit L., Dwivedi, Yogesh K., Hughes, Laurie, Jamal, Ahmad, Jones, Paul, Kronemann, Bianca, Laroche, Michel, Pe?aloza, Lisa, Richard, Marie-Odile, Rana, Nripendra P., Romer, Rene, Tamilmani, Kuttimani and Williams, Michael D. 2020. The impact of social media on consumer acculturation: challenges, opportunities, and agenda for research and practice. International Journal of Information Management 51 , 102026.
Item availability restricted.

Yang, Zhiyong, Jamal, Ahmad and Zhou, Lianxi 2020. Recent advances in identifying and theorizing the role of immigrant entrepreneurs, ethnicity, and culture in industrial marketing. Industrial Marketing Management 10.1016/j.indmarman.2020.04.021
Item availability restricted.

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Item availability restricted.

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Item availability restricted.

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