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Sharma, Ricky A., Plummer, Ruth, Stock, Julie K., Greenhalgh, Tessa A., Ataman, Ozlem, Kelly, Stephen, Clay, Robert, Adams, Richard Alexander, Baird, Richard D., Billingham, Lucinda, Brown, Sarah R., Buckland, Sean, Bulbeck, Helen, Chalmers, Anthony J., Clack, Glen, Cranston, Aaron N., Damstrup, Lars, Ferraldeschi, Roberta, Forster, Martin D., Golec, Julian, Hagan, Russell M., Hall, Emma, Hanauske, Axel-R., Harrington, Kevin J., Haswell, Tom, Hawkins, Maria A., Illidge, Tim, Jones, Hazel, Kennedy, Andrew S., McDonald, Fiona, Melcher, Thorsten, O'Connor, James P. B., Pollard, John R., Saunders, Mark P., Sebag-Montefiore, David, Smitt, Melanie, Staffurth, John, Stratford, Ian J. and Wedge, Stephen R. 2016. Clinical development of new drug-radiotherapy combinations. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 13 , pp. 627-642. 10.1038/nrclinonc.2016.79

Hendry, Maggie, Pasterfield, Di, Adams, Richard, Evans, Mererid, Fiander, Alison, Robling, Michael, Campbell, Christine, Makin, Matthew, Gollins, Simon, Hiscock, Julia, Nafees, Sadia, Bekkers, Marie-Jet, Rose, Jan, Williams, Olwen, Stanley, Margaret and Wilkinson, Clare 2016. Talking about human papillomavirus and cancer: protocol for a patient-centred study to develop scripted consultations. BMJ Open 6 (4) , e011205. 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-011205

Hendry, Maggie, Pasterfield, Di, Adams, Richard, Evans, Mererid, Fiander, Alison, Robling, Michael, Campbell, Christine, Makin, Matthew, Gollins, Simon, Hiscock, Julia, Nafees, Sadia, Bekkers, Marie-Jet, Rose, Jan, Williams, Olwen, Stanley, Margaret and Wilkinson, Clare 2016. Talking about human papillomavirus and cancer: protocol for a patient-centred study to develop scripted consultations. BMJ Open 6 (4) , e011205. 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-011205

Ciardiello, F., Adams, Richard, Tabernero, J., Seufferlein, T., Taieb, J., Moiseyenko, V., Ma, B., Lopez, G., Vansteenkiste, J. F., Esser, R. and Tejpar, S. 2016. Awareness, understanding, and adoption of precision medicine to deliver personalized treatment for patients with cancer: a multinational survey comparison of physicians and patients. The Oncologist 21 (3) , pp. 292-300. 10.1634/theoncologist.2015-0279

Morris, E. J. A., Finan, P. J., Spencer, K., Geh, I., Crellin, A., Quirke, P., Thomas, J. D., Lawton, S., Adams, Richard Alexander and Sebag-Montefiore, D. 2016. Wide variation in the use of radiotherapy in the management of surgically treated rectal cancer across the English National Health Service. Clinical Oncology 28 (8) , pp. 522-531. 10.1016/j.clon.2016.02.002

Grenader, Tal, Nash, Stephen, Adams, Richard, Kaplan, Richard, Fisher, David, Maughan, Tim and Bridgewater, John 2016. Derived neutrophil lymphocyte ratio is predictive of survival from intermittent therapy in advanced colorectal cancer: a post hoc analysis of the MRC COIN study. British Journal of Cancer 114 (6) , pp. 612-615. 10.1038/bjc.2016.23

Renfro, L. A., Loupakis, F., Adams, Richard Alexander, Seymour, M. T., Heinemann, V., Schmoll, H. J., Douillard, J. Y., Hurwitz, H., Fuchs, C. S., Diaz-Rubio, E., Porschen, R., Tournigand, C., Chibaudel, B., Falcone, A., Tebbutt, N. C., Punt, C. J. A., Hecht, J. R., Bokemeyer, C., Van Cutsem, E., Goldberg, R. M., Saltz, L. B., de Gramont, A., Sargent, D. J. and Lenz, H. J. 2016. Body mass index is prognostic in metastatic colorectal cancer: pooled analysis of patients from first-line clinical trials in the ARCAD database. Journal of Clinical Oncology 34 (2) , pp. 144-150. 10.1200/JCO.2015.61.6441

Hubbard, Gill, Adams, Richard, Campbell, Anna, Kidd, Lisa, Leslie, Stephen J, Munro, Julie and Watson, Angus 2016. Is referral of postsurgical colorectal cancer survivors to cardiac rehabilitation feasible and acceptable? A pragmatic pilot randomised controlled trial with embedded qualitative study. BMJ Open 6 (1) , e009284. 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-009284

Richman, Susan D., Adams, Richard Alexander, Quirke, Phil, Butler, Rachel, Hemmings, Gemma, Chambers, Phil, Roberts, Helen, James, Michelle D., Wozniak, Sue, Bathia, Riya, Pugh, Cheryl, Maughan, Timothy Stanley and Jasani, Bharat 2015. Pre-trial inter-laboratory analytical validation of the FOCUS4 personalised therapy trial. Journal of Clinical Pathology 69 (1) , pp. 35-41. 10.1136/jclinpath-2015-203097

Hutchinson, Ryan A, Adams, Richard Alexander, McArt, Darragh G, Salto-Tellez, Manuel, Jasani, Bharat and Hamilton, Peter W 2015. Epidermal growth factor receptor immunohistochemistry: new opportunities in metastatic colorectal cancer. Journal of Translational Medicine 13 (1) , pp. 1-11. 10.1186/s12967-015-0531-z

Shi, Q., de Gramont, A., Grothey, A., Zalcberg, J., Chibaudel, B., Schmoll, H.-J., Seymour, M. T., Adams, Richard Alexander, Saltz, L., Goldberg, R. M., Punt, C. J. A., Douillard, J.-Y., Hoff, P. M., Hecht, J. R., Hurwitz, H., Diaz-Rubio, E., Porschen, R., Tebbutt, N. C., Fuchs, C., Souglakos, J., Falcone, A., Tournigand, C., Kabbinavar, F. F., Heinemann, V., Van Cutsem, E., Bokemeyer, C., Buyse, M. and Sargent, D. J. 2015. Individual patient data analysis of progression-free survival versus overall survival as a first-line end point for metastatic colorectal cancer in modern randomized trials: findings from the analysis and research in cancers of the digestive system database. Journal of Clinical Oncology 33 (1) , pp. 22-28. 10.1200/JCO.2014.56.5887

Baillie, Jessica, Fitzgibbon, Jim, Simon, Natalie, Adams, Richard and Nelson, Annmarie 2014. Developing meaningful public involvement in a cancer clinical trials unit. Presented at: COMET IV Meeting: Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials, Rome, Italy, 20-21 November 2014.

Muirhead, R., Adams, Richard Alexander, Gilbert, D. C., Glynne-Jones, R., Harrison, M., Sebag-Montefiore, D. and Hawkins, M. A. 2014. Anal cancer: developing an intensity-modulated radiotherapy solution for ACT2 fractionation. Clinical Oncology 26 (11) , pp. 720-721. 10.1016/j.clon.2014.08.001

Glynne-Jones, Rob, Adams, Richard Alexander, Jitlal, Mark and Meadows, Helen 2014. End points in anal cancer: hopes for a common language. Journal of Clinical Oncology 32 (12) , pp. 1281-1282. 10.1200/JCO.2014.55.1515

Munro, Julie, Adams, Richard, Campbell, Anna, Campbell, Sandra, Donaldson, Cam, Godwin, Jon, Haw, Sally, Kidd, Lisa, Lane, Chrissie, Leslie, Stephen J., Mason, Helen, Mutrie, Nanette, O'Carroll, Ronan, Taylor, Cara, Treweek, Shaun, Watson, Angus and Hubbard, Gill 2014. CRIB-the use of cardiac rehabilitation services to aid the recovery of patients with bowel cancer: a pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT) with embedded feasibility study. BMJ Open 4 (2) , e004684. 10.1136/bmjopen-2013-004684

Maughan, T.S., Meade, A.M., Adams, Richard Alexander, Richman, S.D., Butler, R., Fisher, D., Wilson, R.H., Jasani, B., Taylor, G.R., Williams, Geraint, Sampson, Julian, Seymour, M.T., Nichols, L.L., Kenny, S.L., Nelson, Annmarie, Sampson, Catherine, Hodgkinson, E., Bridgewater, J.A., Furniss, D.L., Roy, R., Pope, M.J., Pope, J.K., Parmar, M., Quirke, P. and Kaplan, R. 2014. A feasibility study testing four hypotheses with phase II outcomes in advanced colorectal cancer (MRC FOCUS3): A model for randomised controlled trials in the era of personalised medicine? British Journal of Cancer 110 , pp. 2178-2186. 10.1038/bjc.2014.182

Smith, Chris, Fisher, D., Claes, B., Maughan, T. S., Idziaszczyk, Shelley Alexis, Peuteman, G., Harris, Rebecca, James, Michelle D., Meade, A., Jasani, Bharat, Adams, Richard Alexander, Kenny, S., Kaplan, R., Lambrechts, D. and Cheadle, Jeremy Peter 2013. Somatic profiling of the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway in tumors from patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with chemotherapy ± cetuximab. Clinical Cancer Research 19 (15) , pp. 4104-4113. 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-2581

Smith, Chris, Naven, Marc, Harris, Rebecca, Colley, James, West, Hannah, Li, Ning, Liu, Yuan, Adams, Richard Alexander, Maughan, Timothy S., Nichols, Laura, Kaplan, Richard, Wagner, Michael J., McLeod, Howard L. and Cheadle, Jeremy Peter 2013. Exome resequencing identifies potential tumor-suppressor genes that predispose to colorectal cancer. Human Mutation 34 (7) , pp. 1026-1034. 10.1002/humu.22333

Glynne-Jones, Robert, Sebag-Montefiore, David, Adams, Richard Alexander, Gollins, Simon, Harrison, Mark, Meadows, Helen M. and Jitlal, Mark 2013. Prognostic factors for recurrence and survival in anal cancer. Cancer 119 (4) , pp. 748-755. 10.1002/cncr.27825

Türbachova, Ivana, Schwachula, Tim, Vasconcelos, Ines, Mustea, Alexander, Baldinger, Tina, Jones, Katherine A, Bujard, Hermann, Olek, Alexander, Olek, Klaus, Gellhaus, Katharina, Braicu, Ioana, Könsgen, Dominique, Fryer, Christy, Ravot, Elisabetta, Hellwag, Alexander, Westerfeld, Nicole, Gruss, Oliver J, Meissner, Markus, Hassan, Mazahir, Weber, Michael, Hoffmüller, Ulrich, Zimmermann, Sven, Loddenkemper, Christoph, Mahner, Sven, Babel, Nina, Berns, Els, Adams, Richard Alexander, Zeilinger, Robert, Baron, Udo, Vergote, Ignace, Maughan, Tim, Marme, Frederik, Dickhaus, Thorsten, Sehouli, Jalid and Olek, Sven 2013. The cellular ratio of immune tolerance (immunoCRIT) is a definite marker for aggressiveness of solid tumors and may explain tumor dissemination patterns. Epigenetics 8 (11) , pp. 1226-1235. 10.4161/epi.26334

Vale, Claire L., Tierney, Jayne F., Fisher, David, Adams, Richard Alexander, Kaplan, Richard, Maughan, Timothy Stanley, Parmar, Mahesh K. B. and Meade, Angela M. 2012. Does anti-EGFR therapy improve outcome in advanced colorectal cancer? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Cancer Treatment Reviews 38 (6) , pp. 618-625. 10.1016/j.ctrv.2011.11.002

Dunlop, Malcolm G., Dobbins, Sara E., Farrington, Susan Mary, Jones, Angela M., Palles, Claire, Whiffin, Nicola, Tenesa, Albert, Spain, Sarah, Broderick, Peter, Ooi, Li-Yin, Domingo, Enric, Smillie, Claire, Henrion, Marc, Frampton, Matthew, Martin, Lynn, Grimes, Graeme, Gorman, Maggie, Semple, Colin, Ma, Yusanne P., Barclay, Ella, Prendergast, James, Cazier, Jean-Baptiste, Olver, Bianca, Penegar, Steven, Lubbe, Steven, Chander, Ian, Carvajal-Carmona, Luis G., Ballereau, Stephane, Lloyd, Amy, Vijayakrishnan, Jayaram, Zgaga, Lina, Rudan, Igor, Theodoratou, Evropi, Thomas, Huw, Maher, Eamonn, Evans, Gareth, Walker, Lisa, Halliday, Dorothy, Lucassen, Anneke, Paterson, Joan, Hodgson, Shirley, Homfray, Tessa, Side, Lucy, Izatt, Louise, Donaldson, Alan, Tomkins, Susan, Morrison, Patrick, Brewer, Carole, Henderson, Alex, Davidson, Rosemarie, Murday, Victoria, Cook, Jaqueline, Haites, Neva, Bishop, Timothy, Sheridan, Eamonn, Green, Andrew, Marks, Christopher, Carpenter, Sue, Broughton, Mary, Greenhalge, Lynn, Suri, Mohnish, Starr, John M., Deary, Ian, Kirac, Iva, Kovacevi, Dujo, Aaltonen, Lauri A., Renkonen-Sinisalo, Laura, Mecklin, Jukka-Pekka, Matsuda, Koichi, Nakamura, Yusuke, Okada, Yukinori, Gallinger, Steven, Duggan, David J., Conti, David, Newcomb, Polly, Hopper, John, Jenkins, Mark A., Schumacher, Fredrick, Casey, Graham, Easton, Douglas, Shah, Mitul, Pharoah, Paul, Lindblom, Annika, Liu, Tao, Edler, David, Lenander, Claes, Dalén, Johan, Hjern, Fredrik, Lundqvist, Nils, Lindforss, Ulrik, Påhlman, Lars, Smedh, Kennet, Törnqvist, Anders, Holm, Jörn, Janson, Martin, Andersson, Magnus, Ekelund, Susanne, Olsson, Louise, Smith, Chris, West, Hannah, Cheadle, Jeremy Peter, MacDonald, Graham, Samuel, Leslie M., Ahmad, Athar, Corrie, Philippa, Jodrell, Duncan, Palmer, Cheryl, Wilson, Charles, O'Hagan, Julie, Smith, David, McDermott, Ray, Walshe, Janice, Cassidy, James, McDonald, Alec, Mohammed, Nazia, White, Jeff, Yosef, Hosney, Breathnach, Oscar, Grogan, Liam, Thomas, Robert, Eatock, Martin, Henry, Paul, Houston, Russell, Johnston, Patrick, Wilson, Richard, Geh, Ian, Danwata, Falalu, Hindley, Andrew, Susnerwala, Shabbir, Bradley, Chris, Conn, Andrew, Raine, Anne, Twelves, Chris, Falk, Stephen, Hopkins, Kirstin, Tahir, Saad, Dhadda, Amandeep, Maraveyas, Anthony, Sgouros, Joseph, Teo, Mark, Ahmad, Rizvana, Cleator, Susan, Creak, Antonia, Lowdell, Charles, Riddle, Philippa, Benstead, Kim, Farrugia, David, Reed, Nicholas, Shepherd, Stephen, Levine, Edward, Mullamitha, Saifee, Saunders, Mark, Valle, Juan, Wilson, Gregory, Jones, Adam, Weaver, Andrew, Clark, Peter I., Haylock, Brain, Iqbal, Mussawar I., Myint, Arthur S., Smith, David, Beesley, Sharon, Sevitt, Timothy, Nicoll, Jonathan, Daniel, Francis, Ford, Victoria, Talbot, Toby, Butt, Mohammad, Hamid, Abdel, Mack, Paul, Roy, Raj, Osborne, Richard, McKinna, Fiona, Alsab, Heidar, Basu, Devyanee, Murray, Phillip, Sizer, Bruce, Azam, Faisal A., Neupane, Rekha, Waterston, Ashita, Glaholm, John, Blesing, Claire, Lowndes, Sarah, Medisetti, Aruna, Gaya, Andrew, Leslie, Martin, Maisey, Nicholas, Ross, Paul, Dunn, Grainne, Al-Salihi, Omar, Wasan, Harpreet S., Palmer, Cheryl, Tan, Li Tee, Dent, Jo, Hofmann, Uschi, Joffe, Johnathan K., Sherwin, Elizabeth, Soomal, Rabinder, Chakrabarti, Amitabha, Joseph, Shibu, Van der Voet, Johannes, Wadd, Nicholas J., Wilson, David, Anjarwalia, Salim, Hall, Julia, Hughes, Rob, Polychronis, Andrew, Scarffe, John H., Hill, Mark, James, Rodger D., Shah, Riyaz, Summers, Jeffrey, Hartley, Andrew, Carney, Desmond, McCaffrey, John, Bystricky, Brano, O'Reilly, Seamus, Gupta, Rajnish, Al-Mishlab, Talib, Gidden, Fiona, O'Hara, Richard, Stewart, Jill, Ashford, Richard, Glynne-Jones, Robert, Harrison, Mark, Mawdsley, Suzannah, Barlow, Hilary, Tighe, Mary, Walther, Julie, Neal, Janet, Rees, Charlotte, Bridgewater, John, Karp, Stephen, McGovern, Ursula, Atherton, Philip J., El-deeb, Hany, Macmillan, Craig, Patel, Kinnari, Bessell, Eric Michael, Dickinson, Peter D., Potter, Vanessa, Jephcott, Catherine, McAdam, Karen, Wrigley, Jessica, Osborne, Richard, Muthuramalingam, Sethupathi, O'Callaghan, Anne, Bridgewater, John, Melcher, Lucinda, Braconi, Chiara, Geh, Ju Ian, Palmer, Dan, Narayana, Priya, Steven, Neil, Gaya, Andres, Maisey, Nicholas, Rudman, Sarah, Chakraborti, Prabir, Kelly, Kay, Macgregor, Carol, Whillis, David, Freebairn, Alice, Gildersleve, James, Sharif, Sahid, Astras, George, Hickish, Tamas, Beech, Darren, Ellis, Richard, Kulkarni, Rajendra, Shankland, K., Begent, Richard, Mayer, Astrid, Meyer, Timothy, Strauss, Sandra, Hall, Viriginia, Raj, Sanjay, Chau, Ian, Cunningham, David, Birtle, Alison, Biswas, Ashoke, Susnerwala, Shabbir, Wise, Marcus, Cummins, Sebastian, Essapen, Sharadah, Middleton, Gary, Topham, Claire, Langley, Ruth, McKinna, Fiona, Webb, Andrew, Wilkins, Marie, Iveson, Timothy John, Dhadda, Amandeep, Hamid, Abdel, Askill, Colin, Wagstaff, John, Azzabi, Ashraf, Bateman, Adrian, Prejbisz, Jan, Tsang, David, Ali, Nasim, 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