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Passaes, Caroline, Millet, Antoine, Madelain, Vincent, Monceaux, Valérie, David, Annie, Versmisse, Pierre, Sylla, Naya, Gostick, Emma, Llewellyn-Lacey, Sian, Price, David A., Blancher, Antoine, Dereuddre-Bosquet, Nathalie, Desjardins, Delphine, Pancino, Gianfranco, Le Grand, Roger, Lambotte, Olivier, Müller-Trutwin, Michaela, Rouzioux, Christine, Guedj, Jérémie, Avettand-Fenoel, Véronique, Vaslin, Bruno and Sáez-Cirión, Asier 2020. Optimal maturation of the SIV-Specific CD8+ T cell response after primary infection is associated with natural control of SIV: ANRS SIC study. Cell Reports 32 (12) , 108174. 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.108174

Papagno, Laura, Kuse, Nozomi, Lissina, Anna, Gostick, Emma, Price, David A., Appay, Victor and Nicoli, Francesco 2020. The TLR9 ligand CpG ODN 2006 is a poor adjuvant for the induction of de novo CD8+ T-cell responses in vitro. Scientific Reports 10 (1) , 11620. 10.1038/s41598-020-67704-0

Nguyen, Son, Deleage, Claire, Darko, Samuel, Ransier, Amy, Truong, Duc P., Agarwal, Divyansh, Japp, Alberto Sada, Wu, Vincent H., Kuri-Cervantes, Leticia, Abdel-Mohsen, Mohamed, Del Rio Estrada, Perla M., Ablanedo-Terrazas, Yuria, Gostick, Emma, Hoxie, James A., Zhang, Nancy R., Naji, Ali, Reyes-Terán, Gustavo, Estes, Jacob D., Price, David A., Douek, Daniel C., Deeks, Steven G., Buggert, Marcus and Betts, Michael R. 2019. Elite control of HIV is associated with distinct functional and transcriptional signatures in lymphoid tissue CD8+ T cells. Science Translational Medicine 11 (523) , eaax4077. 10.1126/scitranslmed.aax4077

Kemming, Janine, Reeves, Emma, Nitschke, Katja, Widmeier, Vanessa, Emmerich, Florian, Hermle, Tobias, Gostick, Emma, Walker, Andreas, Timm, Jörg, Price, David A., Hofmann, Maike, Thimme, Robert, James, Edward and Neumann-Haefelin, Christoph 2019. ERAP1 allotypes shape the epitope repertoire of virus-specific CD8+ T cell responses in acute hepatitis C virus infection. Journal of Hepatology 70 (6) , pp. 1072-1081. 10.1016/j.jhep.2019.01.034

Dockree, Tamsin, Holland, Christopher J., Clement, Mathew, Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, McLaren, James Edward, Van Den Berg, Hugo A., Gostick, Emma, Llewellyn-Lacey, Sian, Man, Stephen Tzekwung, Bailey, Mick, Burrows, Scott, Price, David and Wooldridge, Linda 2017. CD8+ T-cell specificity is compromised at a defined MHCI/CD8 affinity threshold. Immunology and Cell Biology 95 (1) , pp. 68-76. 10.1038/icb.2016.85

Flecken, Tobias, Schmidt, Nathalie, Hild, Sandra, Gostick, Emma, Drognitz, Oliver, Zeiser, Robert, Schemmer, Peter, Bruns, Helge, Eiermann, Thomas, Price, David, Blum, Hubert E., Neumann-Haefelin, Christoph and Thimme, Robert 2014. Immunodominance and functional alterations of tumor-associated antigen-specific CD8+T-cell responses in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology 59 (4) , pp. 1415-1426. 10.1002/hep.26731

O'Connor, G.eraldine M., Vivian, Julian P., Widjaja, Jacqueline M., Bridgeman, John S., Gostick, Emma, Lafont, Bernard A. P., Anderson, Stephen K., Price, David A., Brooks, Andrew G., Rossjohn, Jamie and McVicar, Daniel W. 2014. Mutational and structural analysis of KIR3DL1 reveals a lineage-defining allotypic dimorphism that impacts both HLA and peptide sensitivity. Journal of Immunology 192 (6) , pp. 2875-2884. 10.4049/jimmunol.1303142

Roux, Antoine, Mourin, Gisèle, Fastenackels, Solène, Almeida, Jorge R., Iglesias, Maria Candela, Boyd, Anders, Gostick, Emma, Larsen, Martin, Price, David, Sacre, Karim, Douek, Daniel C., Autran, Brigitte, Picard, Clément, Miranda, Sandra de, Sauce, Delphine, Stern, Marc and Appay, Victor 2013. CMV driven CD8+ T-cell activation is associated with acute rejection in lung transplantation. Clinical Immunology 148 (1) , pp. 16-26. 10.1016/j.clim.2013.03.012

Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Hashimoto, Masao, Iglesias, Maria Candela, Wilmann, Pascal G., McLaren, James Edward, Gras, Stéphanie, Chikata, Takayuki, Kuse, Nozomi, Fastenackels, Solène, Gostick, Emma, Bridgeman, John S., Venturi, Vanessa, Arkoub, Zaïna Aït, Agut, Henri, van Bockel, David J., Almeida, Jorge R., Douek, Daniel C., Meyer, Laurence, Venet, Alain, Takiguchi, Masafumi, Rossjohn, Jamie, Price, David and Appay, Victor 2013. A molecular basis for the control of preimmune escape variants by HIV-specific CD8+ T cells. Immunity 38 (3) , pp. 425-436. 10.1016/j.immuni.2012.11.021

Quinn, K. M., Da Costa, A., Yamamoto, A., Berry, D., Lindsay, R. W. B., Darrah, P. A., Wang, L., Cheng, C., Kong, W.-P., Gall, J. G. D., Nicosia, A., Folgori, A., Colloca, S., Cortese, R., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Gomez, C. E., Esteban, M., Wyatt, L. S., Moss, B., Morgan, C., Roederer, M., Bailer, R. T., Nabel, G. J., Koup, R. A. and Seder, R. A. 2013. Comparative analysis of the magnitude, quality, phenotype, and protective capacity of simian immunodeficiency virus gag-specific CD8+ T cells following human-, simian-, and chimpanzee-derived recombinant adenoviral vector immunization. The Journal of Immunology 190 (6) , pp. 2720-2735. 10.4049/jimmunol.1202861

Iglesias, Maria Candela, Briceno, Olivia, Gostick, Emma, Moris, Arnaud, Meaudre, Céline, Price, David, Ungeheuer, Marie-Noëlle, Saez-Cirion, Asier, Mallone, Roberto and Appay, Victor 2013. Immunodominance of HLA-B27-restricted HIV KK10-specific CD8+ T-cells is not related to naïve precursor frequency [Letter]. Immunology Letters 149 (1-2) , pp. 119-122. 10.1016/j.imlet.2012.10.002

Vavassori, Stefano, Kumar, Anil, Wan, Gan Siok, Ramanjaneyulu, Gundimeda S., Cavallari, Marco, El Daker, Sary, Beddoe, Travis, Theodossis, Alex, Williams, Neal K., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Soudamini, Dinish U., Voon, Kong Kien, Olivo, Malini, Rossjohn, Jamie, Mori, Lucia and De Libero, Gennaro 2013. Butyrophilin 3A1 binds phosphorylated antigens and stimulates human γδ T cells. Nature Immunology 14 (9) , pp. 908-916. 10.1038/ni.2665

Budimir, Natalija, de Haan, Aalzen, Meijerhof, Tjarko, Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Huckriede, Anke and Wilschut, Jan 2013. Heterosubtypic cross-protection induced by whole inactivated influenza virus vaccine in mice: influence of the route of vaccine administration. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 7 (6) , pp. 1202-1209. 10.1111/irv.12142

Ekeruche, Julia, Clement, Mathew, Cole, David, Edwards, Emily S. J., Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Miles, John James, Matthews, Katherine K., Fuller, Anna, Lloyd, Katy A., Madura, Florian, Dolton, Garry Michael, Pentier, Johanne, Lissina, Anna, Gostick, Emma, Baxter, Tiffany K., Baker, Brian M., Rizkallah, Pierre, Price, David, Wooldridge, Linda and Sewell, Andrew K. 2012. T-cell receptor-optimized peptide skewing of the T-cell repertoire can enhance antigen targeting. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (44) , pp. 37269-37281. 10.1074/jbc.M112.386409

Budde, Melisa L., Greene, Justin M., Chin, Emily N., Ericsen, Adam J., Scarlotta, Matthew, Cain, Brian T., Pham, Ngoc H., Becker, Ericka A., Harris, Max, Weinfurter, Jason T., O'Connor, Shelby L., Piatak Jr., Michael, Lifson, Jeffrey D., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Friedrich, Thomas C. and O'Connor, David H. 2012. Specific CD8+ T cell responses correlate with control of simian immunodeficiency virus replication in Mauritian cynomolgus macaques. Journal of Virology 86 (14) , pp. 7596-7604. 10.1128/JVI.00716-12

Johnson, Matthew J., Petrovas, Constantinos, Yamamoto, Takuya, Lindsay, Ross W. B., Lore, Karin, Gall, Jason G. D., Gostick, Emma, Lefebvre, François, Cameron, Mark J., Price, David, Haddad, Elias, Sekaly, Rafick-Pierre, Seder, Robert A. and Koup, Richard A. 2012. Type I IFN induced by adenovirus serotypes 28 and 35 has multiple effects on T cell immunogenicity. The Journal of Immunology 188 (12) , pp. 6109-6118. 10.4049/jimmunol.1103717

Bulek, Anna Marta, Cole, David, Skowera, Ania, Dolton, Garry Michael, Gras, Stephanie, Madura, Florian, Fuller, Anna, Miles, John James, Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Drijfhout, Jan W., Knight, Robin R., Huang, Guo C., Lissin, Nikolai, Molloy, Peter E., Wooldridge, Linda, Jakobsen, Bent K., Rossjohn, Jamie, Peakman, Mark, Rizkallah, Pierre and Sewell, Andrew K. 2012. Structural basis for the killing of human beta cells by CD8+ T cells in type 1 diabetes. Nature Immunology 13 (3) , pp. 283-289. 10.1038/ni.2206

Cole, David, Gallagher, Kathleen, Lemercier, Brigitte, Holland, Christopher J., Junaid, Sayed, Hindley, James Phillip, Wynn, Katherine Kay, Gostick, Emma, Sewell, Andrew K., Gallimore, Awen Myfanwy, Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Price, David, Gougeon, Marie-Lise and Godkin, Andrew James 2012. Modification of the carboxy-terminal flanking region of a universal influenza epitope alters CD4+ T-cell repertoire selection. Nature Communications 3 , 665. 10.1038/ncomms1665

Budimir, Natalija, Huckriede, Anke, Meijerhof, Tjarko, Boon, Louis, Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Wilschut, Jan and de Haan, Aalzen 2012. Induction of heterosubtypic cross-protection against influenza by a whole inactivated virus vaccine: the role of viral membrane fusion activity. PLoS ONE 7 (1) , e30898. 10.1371/journal.pone.0030898

Maloveste, Sebastien M., Chen, Dan, Gostick, Emma, Vivian, Julian P., Plishka, Ronald J., Iyengar, Ranjini, Kruthers, Robin L., Buckler-White, Alicia, Brooks, Andrew G., Rossjohn, Jamie, Price, David and Lafont, Bernard A. P. 2012. Degenerate recognition of MHC class I molecules with Bw4 and Bw6 motifs by a killer cell Ig-like receptor 3DL expressed by macaque NK cells. The Journal of Immunology 189 (9) , pp. 4338-4348. 10.4049/jimmunol.1201360

Gattinoni, Luca, Lugli, Enrico, Ji, Yun, Pos, Zoltan, Paulos, Chrystal M., Quigley, Maire F., Almeida, Jorge R., Gostick, Emma, Yu, Zhiya, Carpenito, Carmine, Wang, Ena, Douek, Daniel C., Price, David, June, Carl H., Marincola, Francesco M., Roederer, Mario and Restifo, Nicholas P. 2011. A human memory T cell subset with stem cell-like properties. Nature Medicine 17 (10) , pp. 1290-1297. 10.1038/nm.2446

Haney, Danielle, Quigley, Máire F., Asher, Tedi E., Ambrozak, David R., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Douek, Daniel C. and Betts, Michael R. 2011. Isolation of viable antigen-specific CD8+ T cells based on membrane-bound tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α expression. Journal of Immunological Methods 369 (1-2) , pp. 33-41. 10.1016/j.jim.2011.04.003

Kreutzman, A., Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Koechel, C., Gostick, Emma, Ekblom, M., Stenke, L., Melo, T., Einsele, H., Porkka, K., Price, David, Mustjoki, S. and Seggewiss, R. 2011. Expansion of highly differentiated CD8+ T-cells or NK-cells in patients treated with dasatinib is associated with cytomegalovirus reactivation. Leukemia 25 (10) , pp. 1587-1597. 10.1038/leu.2011.135

Nagai, Kozo, Ochi, Toshiki, Fujiwara, Hiroshi, An, Jun, Shirakata, Toshiaki, Mineno, Junichi, Kuzushima, Kiyotaka, Shiku, Hiroshi, Melenhorst, J. Joseph, Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Ishii, Eiichi and Yasukawa, Masaki 2011. Aurora kinase A-specific T-cell receptor gene transfer redirects T lymphocytes to display effective antileukemia reactivity. Blood 119 (2) , pp. 368-376. 10.1182/blood-2011-06-360354

Sloand, Elaine M., Melenhorst, J. Joseph, Tucker, Zachary C. G., Pfannes, Loretta, Brenchley, Jason M., Yong, Agnes, Visconte, Valeria, Wu, Colin, Gostick, Emma, Scheinberg, Phillip, Olnes, Matthew J., Douek, Daniel C., Price, David, Barrett, A. John and Young, Neal S. 2011. T-cell immune responses to Wilms tumor 1 protein in myelodysplasia responsive to immunosuppressive therapy. Blood 117 (9) , pp. 2691-2699. 10.1182/blood-2010-04-277921

Yamamoto, Takuya, Price, David, Casazza, Joseph P., Ferrari, Guido, Nason, Martha, Chattopadhyay, Pratip K., Roederer, Mario, Gostick, Emma, Katsikis, Peter D., Douek, Daniel C., Haubrich, Richard, Petrovas, Constantinos and Koup, Richard A. 2011. Surface expression patterns of negative regulatory molecules identify determinants of virus-specific CD8+ T-cell exhaustion in HIV infection. Blood 117 (18) , pp. 4805-4815. 10.1182/blood-2010-11-317297

Iglesias, Maria Candela, Almeida, Jorge R., Fastenackels, Solene, van Bockel, David J., Hashimoto, Masao, Venturi, Vanessa, Gostick, Emma, Urrutia, Alejandra, Wooldridge, Linda, Clement, Mathew, Gras, Stephanie, Wilmann, Pascal G., Autran, Brigitte, Moris, Arnaud, Rossjohn, Jamie, Davenport, Miles P., Takiguchi, Masafumi, Brander, Christian, Douek, Daniel C., Kelleher, Anthony D., Price, David and Appay, Victor 2011. Escape from highly effective public CD8+ T-cell clonotypes by HIV. Blood 118 (8) , pp. 2138-2149. 10.1182/blood-2011-01-328781

Vojnov, Lara, Martins, Mauricio A., Almeida, Jorge R., Ende, Zachary, Rakasz, Eva G., Reynolds, Matthew R., Leon, Enrique J., Weisgrau, Kim L., Burwitz, Benjamin J., Folkvord, Joy M., Veloso de Santana, Marlon G., Costa Neves, Patrícia C., Connick, Elizabeth, Skinner, Pamela J., Gostick, Emma, O'Connor, David H., Wilson, Nancy A., Bonaldo, Myrna C., Galler, Ricardo, Price, David, Douek, Danny C. and Watkins, David I. 2011. GagCM9-specific CD8+ T cells expressing limited public TCR clonotypes do not suppress SIV replication in vivo. PLoS ONE 6 (8) , e23515. 10.1371/journal.pone.0023515

Ruckwardt, Tracy J., Malloy, Allison M. W., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Dash, Pradyot, McClaen, Jennifer L., Thonas, Paul G. and Graham, Barney S. 2011. Neonatal cd8 t-cell hierarchy is distinct from adults and is influenced by intrinsic t cell properties in respiratory syncytial virus infected mice. PLoS Pathogens 7 (12) , e1002377. 10.1371/journal.ppat.1002377

Falkenburg, Willem J. J., Melenhorst, J. Joseph, van de Meent, Marian, Kester, Michel, Hombrink, Pleun, Heemskerk, Mirjam H. M., Hagedoorn, Renate S., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Falkenburg, J. H. Frederik, Barrett, A. John and Jedema, Inge 2011. Allogeneic HLA-A*02-restricted WT1-specific T cells from mismatched donors are highly reactive but show off-target promiscuity. The Journal of Immunology 187 (5) , pp. 2824-2833. 10.4049/jimmunol.1100852

Humphreys, Ian R., Lee, Seung-Woo, Jones, Morgan, Loewendorf, Andrea, Gostick, Emma, Price, David A., Benedict, Chris A., Ware, Carl F. and Croft, Michael 2010. Biphasic role of 4-1BB in the regulation of mouse cytomegalovirus-specific CD8+ T cells. European Journal of Immunology 40 (10) , pp. 2762-2768. 10.1002/eji.200940256

Jones, Morgan, Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Wynn, Katherine, Stacey, Maria A., Quigley, Maire F., Gostick, Emma, Price, David and Humphreys, Ian R. 2010. IL-10 restricts memory T cell inflation during cytomegalovirus infection. The Journal of Immunology 185 (6) , pp. 3583-3592. 10.4049/jimmunol.1001535

Cole, David, Edwards, Emily, Wynn, Katherine, Clement, Mathew, Miles, John James, Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Ekeruche, Julia, Gostick, Emma, Adams, Katherine J., Skowera, Ania, Peakman, Mark, Wooldridge, Linda, Price, David A. and Sewell, Andrew K. 2010. Modification of MHC anchor residues generates heteroclitic peptides that alter TCR binding and T cell recognition. The Journal of Immunology 185 (4) , pp. 2600-2610. 10.4049/jimmunol.1000629

Wooldridge, Linda, Clement, Mathew, Lissina, Anna, Edwards, Emily, Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Ekeruche, Julia, Hewitt, R. E., Laugel, Bruno Frederic, Gostick, Emma, Cole, David, Debets, R., Berrevoets, C., Miles, John James, Burrows, S. R., Price, David A. and Sewell, Andrew K. 2010. MHC Class I molecules with superenhanced CD8 binding properties bypass the requirement for cognate TCR recognition and nonspecifically activate CTLs. Journal of Immunology 184 (7) , pp. 3357-3366. 10.4049/jimmunol.0902398

Van Tendeloo, V. F., Van de Velde, A., Van Driessche, A., Cools, N., Anguille, S., Ladell, Kristin Ingrid, Gostick, Emma, Vermeulen, K., Pieters, K., Nijs, G., Stein, B., Smits, E. L., Schroyens, W. A., Gadisseur, A. P., Vrelust, I., Jorens, P. G., Goossens, H., de Vries, I. J., Price, David A., Oji, Y., Oka, Y., Sugiyama, H. and Berneman, Z. N. 2010. Induction of complete and molecular remissions in acute myeloid leukemia by Wilms' tumor 1 antigen-targeted dendritic cell vaccination. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107 (31) , pp. 13824-13829. 10.1073/pnas.1008051107

Giannopoulos, K., Dmoszynska, A., Kowal, M., Rolinski, J., Gostick, Emma, Price, David, Greiner, J., Rojewski, M., Stilgenbauer, S., Döhner, H. and Schmitt, M. 2010. Peptide vaccination elicits leukemia-associated antigen-specific cytotoxic CD8+ T-cell responses in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Leukemia 24 (4) , pp. 798-805. 10.1038/leu.2010.29

Miles, John James, Bulek, Anna Marta, Cole, David, Gostick, Emma, Schauenburg, Andrea J. A., Dolton, Garry Michael, Venturi, Vanessa, Davenport, Miles P., Tan, Mai Ping, Burrows, Scott R., Wooldridge, Linda, Price, David, Rizkallah, Pierre and Sewell, Andrew K. 2010. Genetic and structural basis for selection of a ubiquitous T cell receptor deployed in Epstein-Barr virus infection. PLoS Pathogens 6 (11) , e1001198. 10.1371/journal.ppat.1001198

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