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Chi Fru, Ernest 2019. Copper isotopes. In: Gargaud, M, Irvine, W, Amils, R, Henderson, J, Pinti, D, Quintanilla, J and Viso, M eds. Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Berlin, Germany: Springer, (10.1007/978-3-642-27833-4_5398-1)
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Chi Fru, Ernest, Kilias, Stephanos, Ivarsson, Magnus, Rattray, Jayne E., Gkika, Katerina, McDonald, Iain, He, Qian and Broman, Curt 2018. Sedimentary mechanisms of a modern banded iron formation on Milos Island, Greece. Solid Earth 8 10.5194/se-2017-113

Chi Fru, Ernest, Kilias, Stephanos, Ivarsson, Magnus, Rattray, Jayne E., Gkika, Katerina, McDonald, Iain, He, Qian and Broman, Curt 2018. Sedimentary mechanisms of a modern banded iron formation on Milos Island, Greece. Solid Earth 9 (3) , pp. 573-598. 10.5194/se-9-573-2018

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Bonaglia, Stefano, Brüchert, Volker, Callac, Nolwenn, Vicenzi, Alessandra, Chi Fru, Ernest and Nascimento, Francisco J.A. 2017. Methane fluxes from coastal sediments are enhanced by macrofauna. Scientific Reports 7 , 13145. 10.1038/s41598-017-13263-w

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