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Ahmed, Nisar and Khatoon, Saira 2018. Facile electrochemical intramolecular amination of urea-tethered terminal alkenes for the synthesis of cyclic ureas. ChemistryOpen 7 (8) , pp. 576-582. 10.1002/open.201800064

Hardwick, Tomas and Ahmed, Nisar 2018. Advances in electro- and sono-microreactors for chemical synthesis. RSC Advances 8 (39) , pp. 22233-22249. 10.1039/C8RA03406K

Hardwick, Tomas and Ahmed, Nisar 2018. Memory of chirality as a prominent pathway for the synthesis of natural products through chiral intermediates. ChemistryOpen 7 (6) , pp. 484-487. 10.1002/open.201800061

Ahmed, Nisar, Khatoon, Saira and Shirinfar, Bahareh 2018. Radical diazidation of alkenes: Cu/Fe/Mn catalysis and electrochemical support. ChemElectroChem 5 (9) , pp. 1245-1248. 10.1002/celc.201800160
Item availability restricted.

Ahmed, Nisar 2018. Peptide bond frmations through flow chemistry. Chemical Biology and Drug Design 91 (2) , pp. 647-650. 10.1111/cbdd.13115
Item availability restricted.

Shirinfar, Bahareh and Ahmed, Nisar 2018. Chemical glycosylations for the synthesis of building units of post-translational modifications. Helvetica Chimica Acta 101 (1) , e1700226. 10.1002/hlca.201700226
Item availability restricted.

shirinfar, bahareh, Seema, Humaira and Ahmed, Nisar 2018. Charged probes: turn-on selective fluorescence for RNA. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2018 (16) , pp. 164-168. 10.1039/C7OB02423A
Item availability restricted.

Seema, Humaira, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Shi, Genggongwo, Youn, Il Seung and Ahmed, Nisar 2017. Facile synthesis of selective biomolecule chemosensor and fabrication of its highly fluorescent graphene complex. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (19) , pp. 5007-5016. 10.1021/acs.jpcb.7b02888

Shi, Genggongwo, Aliakbar Tehrani, Zahra, Kim, Dongwook, Cho, Woo Jong, Youn, Il-Seung, Lee, Han Myoung, Yousuf, Muhammad, Ahmed, Nisar, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Teator, Aaron J., Lastovickova, Dominika N., Rasheed, Lubna, Lah, Myoung Soo, Bielawski, Christopher W. and Kim, Kwang S. 2016. Halides with fifteen aliphatic C-H···Anion interaction sites. Scientific Reports 6 (1) , 30123. 10.1038/srep30123

Duss, Michael, Capolicchio, Samanta, Linden, Anthony, Ahmed, Nisar and Jessen, Henning J. 2015. Desymmetrization of myo-inositol derivatives by lanthanide catalyzed phosphitylation with C2-symmetric phosphites. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 23 (12) , pp. 2854-2861. 10.1016/j.bmc.2015.03.023

Ahmed, Nisar, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Miriyala, Vijay Madhav, Choi, Seong-Kyoon, Lee, Kyeong-Min, Jeon, Won Bae, Park, Yu Shin and Nam, Hong Gil 2015. A new selective 'turn-on' small fluorescent cationic probe for recognition of RNA in cells. Supramolecular Chemistry 27 (7-8) , pp. 478-483. 10.1080/10610278.2014.989851

Jessen, Henning J., Ahmed, Nisar and Hofer, Alexandre 2014. Phosphate esters and anhydrides - recent strategies targeting nature's favoured modifications. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 12 (22) , pp. 3526-3530. 10.1039/c4ob00478g

Yousuf, Muhammad, Ahmed, Nisar, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Miriyala, Vijay Madhav, Youn, Il Seung and Kim, Kwang S. 2014. Precise tuning of cationic cyclophanes toward highly selective fluorogenic recognition of specific biophosphate anions. Organic Letters 16 (8) , pp. 2150-2153. 10.1021/ol500613y

Ahmed, Nisar, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Youn, Il Seung, Yousuf, Muhammad and Kim, Kwang S. 2013. Selective detection of guanosine-5?-triphosphate and iodide by fluorescent benzimidazolium-based cyclophanes. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 11 (37) , pp. 6407-6413. 10.1039/c3ob41470a

Shirinfar, Bahareh, Ahmed, Nisar, Park, Yu Shin, Cho, Gun-Sik, Youn, Il Seung, Han, Jin-Kwan, Nam, Hong Gil and Kim, Kwang S. 2013. Selective fluorescent detection of RNA in living cells by using imidazolium-based cyclophane. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (1) , pp. 90-93. 10.1021/ja3112274

Le, Nhien H., Seema, Humaira, Kemp, K. Christian, Ahmed, Nisar, Tiwari, Jitendra N., Park, Sungjin and Kim, Kwang S. 2013. Solution-processable conductive micro-hydrogels of nanoparticle/graphene platelets produced by reversible self-assembly and aqueous exfoliation. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (41) , pp. 12900-12908. 10.1039/c3ta12735d

Suresh, Vangaru, Ahmed, Nisar, Youn, Il Seung and Kim, Kwang S. 2012. An imidazolium-based fluorescent clophane for the selective recognition of iodide. Chemistry - An Asian Journal 7 (4) , pp. 658-663. 10.1002/asia.201100941

Ahmed, Nisar, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Youn, Il Seung, Bist, Amita, Suresh, Vangaru and Kim, Kwang S. 2012. A highly selective fluorescent chemosensor for guanosine-5?-triphosphate via excimer formation in aqueous solution of physiological pH. Chemical Communications 48 (21) , pp. 2662-2664. 10.1039/c2cc17145g

Ahmed, Nisar, Suresh, Vangaru, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Geronimo, Inacrist, Bist, Amita, Hwang, In-Chul and Kim, Kwang S. 2012. Fluorogenic sensing of CH3CO2 and H2PO4 by ditopic receptor through conformational change. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 10 (10) , pp. 2094-2100. 10.1039/c2ob06994f

Bist, Amita, Cho, Seung Joo and Ahmed, Nisar 2012. A simple pyrene-based highly sensitive turn-on fluorescent chemodosimeter for Hg2+. Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry 77 (1-4) , p. 75. 10.1007/s10847-012-0218-5

Ahmed, Nisar, Shirinfar, Bahareh, Geronimo, Inacrist and Kim, Kwang S. 2011. Fluorescent Imidazolium-Based Cyclophane for Detection of Guanosine-5'-triphosphate and I-in Aqueous Solution of Physiological pH. Organic Letters 13 (20) , pp. 5476-5479. 10.1021/ol202183t

Ahmed, Nisar, Geronimo, Inacrist, Hwang, In-Chul, Singh, N. Jiten and Kim, Kwang S. 2011. cyclo-Bis(urea-3,6-dichlorocarbazole) as a chromogenic and fluorogenic receptor for anions and a selective sensor of zinc and copper cations. Chemistry - a European Journal 17 (31) , pp. 8542-8548. 10.1002/chem.201100243

Khan, Rehan, Fatima, Itrat, Ahmed, Nisar and Malik, Abdul 2008. Caragin, a new isoflavone from Caragana conferta. Journal of Asian Natural Products Research 10 (9) , pp. 823-825. 10.1080/10286020802102394

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