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Xu, Qun-Ce, Deng, Bailin and Yang, Yong-Liang 2018. Ellipsoid packing structures on freeform surfaces. Computer Graphics Forum 37 (7) , pp. 87-95. 10.1111/cgf.13550
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Jiang, Luo, Zhang, Juyong, Deng, Bailin, Li, Hao and Liu, Ligang 2018. 3D face reconstruction with geometry details from a single image. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 27 (10) , pp. 4756-4770. 10.1109/TIP.2018.2845697

Zhang, Juyong, Deng, Bailin, Hong, Yang, Peng, Yue, Qin, Wenjie and Liu, Ligang 2018. Static/dynamic filtering for mesh geometry. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 10.1109/TVCG.2018.2816926

Peng, Yue, Deng, Bailin, Zhang, Juyong, Geng, Fanyu, Qin, Wenjie and Liu, Ligang 2018. Anderson acceleration for geometry optimization and physics simulation. ACM Transactions on Graphics 37 (4) , 42. 10.1145/3197517.3201290

Wang, Tsung-Hsien, Trujillo, Olivia Espinosa, Chang, Wen-Shao and Deng, Bailin 2017. Encoding bamboo’s nature for freeform structure design. International Journal of Architectural Computing 15 (2) , pp. 169-182. 10.1177/1478077117714943

Song, Peng, Deng, Bailin, Wang, Ziqi, Dong, Zhichao, Li, Wei, Fu, Chi-Wing and Liu, Ligang 2016. CofiFab: coarse-to-fine fabrication of large 3D objects. ACM Transactions on Graphics 35 (4) , 45. 10.1145/2897824.2925876

Konaković, Mina, Crane, Keenan, Deng, Bailin, Bouaziz, Sofien, Piker, Daniel and Pauly, Mark 2016. Beyond developable: Computational design and fabrication with auxetic materials. ACM Transactions on Graphics 35 (4) , 89. 10.1145/2897824.2925944

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Zhang, Juyong, Deng, Bailin, Liu, Zishun, Patanè, Giuseppe, Bouaziz, Sofien, Hormann, Kai and Liu, Ligang 2014. Local barycentric coordinates. ACM Transactions on Graphics 33 (6) , 188. 10.1145/2661229.2661255

Zou, Qiang, Zhang, Juyong, Deng, Bailin and Zhao, Jibin 2014. Iso-level tool path planning for free-form surfaces. Computer-Aided Design 53 , pp. 117-125. 10.1016/j.cad.2014.04.006

Garg, Akash, Sageman-Furnas, Andrew O., Deng, Bailin, Yue, Yonghao, Grinspun, Eitan, Pauly, Mark and Wardetzky, Max 2014. Wire mesh design. ACM Transactions on Graphics 33 (4) , 66. 10.1145/2601097.2601106

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Yang, Yi-Jun, Zeng, Wei, Yang, Cheng-Lei, Deng, Bailin, Meng, Xiang-Xu and Sitharama Iyengar, S. 2013. An algorithm to improve parameterizations of rational Bézier surfaces using rational bilinear reparameterization. Computer-Aided Design 45 (3) , pp. 628-638. 10.1016/j.cad.2012.10.048

Yang, Yi-Jun, Zeng, Wei, Yang, Cheng-Lei, Meng, Xiang-Xu, Yong, Jun-Hai and Deng, Bailin 2012. G1 continuous approximate curves on NURBS surfaces. Computer-Aided Design 44 (9) , pp. 824-834. 10.1016/j.cad.2012.04.004

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Pottmann, Helmut, Huang, Qixing, Deng, Bailin, Schiftner, Alexander, Kilian, Martin, Guibas, Leonidas and Wallner, Johannes 2010. Geodesic patterns. ACM Transactions on Graphics 29 (4) , 43. 10.1145/1778765.1778780

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