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Abdelmonem, Angie, Bavelaar, Rahma Esther, Wynne-Hughes, Elisa and Galán, Susana 2016. The 'Taharrush' connection: xenophobia, Islamophobia, and sexual violence in Germany and beyond. Jadaliyya 2016 (Mar 1)

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Atkinson, Douglas and Williford, George 2016. Research note: “Should we stay or should we go? Exploring the outcomes of great power retrenchment”. Research and Politics 3 (4) , pp. 1-6. 10.1177/2053168016682888


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Bennett, Huw 2016. 'Detainees are always one's Achilles heel': The struggle over the scrutiny of detention and interrogation in Aden, 1963-1967. War in History 23 (4) , pp. 457-488. 10.1177/0968344515592910

Benneyworth, Iwan 2016. Narco wars: an analysis of the militarisation of U.S. counter-narcotics policy in Colombia, Mexico and on the U.S. border. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

Bonotti, Matteo 2016. Annamari Vitikainen (2015), the limits of liberal multiculturalism: towards an individuated approach to cultural diversity [book review]. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 19 (5) , pp. 1325-1327. 10.1007/s10677-016-9698-5

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Bonotti, Matteo 2016. Review of: Brian Leiter, Why tolerate religion? [Book Review]. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 19 (3) , pp. 797-799. 10.1007/s10677-015-9654-9

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Bueger, Christian 2016. Doing Europe: Agency and the European Union in the field of counter-piracy practice. European Security 25 (4) , pp. 407-422.

Bueger, Christian 2016. Practice. In: Guillaume, Xavier and Bilgin, Pinar eds. Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology, Routledge Handbooks, London: Routledge, pp. 324-334.

Bueger, Christian 2016. Security as practice. In: Cavelty, Myriam Dunn and Balzacq, Thierry eds. Routledge Handbook of Security Studies, Vol. 2nd ed. Routledge Handbooks, London: Routledge, pp. 126-135.
Item availability restricted.

Bueger, Christian and Gadinger, Frank 2016. International practice theories. In: Jonas, Michael and Littig, Beate eds. Praxeological Political Analysis, Routledge Advances in Sociology, vol. 196. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 87-106.

Bueger, Christian and Stockbruegger, Jan 2016. Pirates, Drugs and Navies: Why the Western Indian Ocean needs a new security architecture. RUSI Journal 161 (5) , pp. 46-52. 10.1080/03071847.2016.1253375


Calderaro, Andrea 2016. Internet governance capacity building in post-authoritarian contexts. Telecom reform and human rights in Myanmar. SSRN (Social Science Research Network) , pp. 1-26. 10.2139/ssrn.2686095

Calderaro, Andrea 2016. Myanmar connected? Internet governance capacity building in post-authoritarian contexts. Internet Policy Observatory 2016 (Mar 24)

Ceva, Emanuela and Bonotti, Matteo 2016. Introduction: the political philosophy of food policies, part II: democracy, freedom, and paternalism. Journal of Social Philosophy 47 (1) , pp. 7-9. 10.1111/josp.12143

Cole, Alistair Mark 2016. 10 Mai 1981: la victoire de François Mitterrand. In: Jeanneney, Jean-Noël and Guérout, Jeanne eds. L'Histoire de France vue D'ailleurs, Editions des Arènes, 584 -591.

Compston, Hugh William and Bailey, Ian 2016. Climate policy strength compared: China, the US, the EU, India, Russia, and Japan. Climate Policy 16 (2) , pp. 145-162. 10.1080/14693062.2014.991908

Corbera, Esteve, Calvet-Mir, Laura, Hughes, Hannah and Paterson, Matthew 2016. Patterns of authorship in the IPCC Working Group III report. Nature Climate Change 6 , pp. 94-99. 10.1038/nclimate2782

Craig, Anthony and Valeriano, Brandon 2016. Conceptualising cyber arms races. Presented at: 8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict, Tallinn, Estonia, 1-3 June 2016. Proceedings of the 2016 8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict. NATO, pp. 141-158.

Craig, Anthony J. S. and Valeriano, Brandon 2016. Reacting to Cyber Threats: Protection and Security in the Digital Age. Global Security and Intelligence Studies 1 (2) , pp. 21-41. 10.18278/gsis.1.2.3

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Dorey, Peter 2016. Comrades in conflict - the Labour Party and the Trade Unions since the 1960s. Presented at: Socialism, Socialists and the State in Western Europe in the 20th Century:, Paris, France, 7-9 December 2016.

Dorey, Peter 2016. How big is the challenge for Jeremy Corbyn to win a General Election? [Online]. The Question. Available at:

Dorey, Peter 2016. Policies under Cameron: modernisation abandoned. In: Peele, Gillian and Francis, John eds. David Cameron and Conservative renewal: the limits of modernisation?, New Perspectives on the Right, Manchester: Manchester University Press,

Dorey, Peter 2016. ‘Should I stay or should I go?’: James Callaghan’s decision not to call an autumn 1978 general election. British Politics 11 (1) , pp. 95-118. 10.1057/bp.2015.9

Dorey, Peter 2016. Social and sexual liberation. In: Crines, Andrew S. and Hickson, Kevin eds. Harold Wilson: The Unprincipled Prime Minister?, London: Biteback, pp. 165-184.

Dorey, Peter 2016. Weakening the trade unions, one step at a time: the Thatcher governments' strategy for the reform of trade union law, 1979-1984. Historical Studies in Industrial Relations 37 , pp. 169-200. 10.3828/hsir.2016.37.6

Dorey, Peter and Denham, Andrew 2016. Entirely as expected? Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as Labour Party leader. [Online]. London: London School of Economics and Political Science. Available at:

Dorey, Peter and Denham, Andrew 2016. "The longest suicide vote in history": The Labour Party Leadership election of 2015. British Politics 11 (3) , pp. 259-282. 10.1057/s41293-016-0001-0

Dorey, Peter and Garnett, Mark 2016. The British Coalition Government, 2010-2015: A marriage of inconvenience. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 10.1057/978-1-137-02377-3

Dudau, Adina, Fischbacher-Smith, Denis and McAllister, Laura 2016. The unsung heroes of welfare collaboration: complexities around individuals' contribution to effective inter-agency working in LSCBs. Public Management Review 18 (10) , pp. 1536-1558. 10.1080/14719037.2016.1148190


Edmunds, Tim, Bueger, Christian, Galbreath, David, Hyde-Price, Adrian, Kier, Elizabeth, King, Anthony and Weldes, Jutta 2016. Editorial and mission statement. European Journal of International Security 1 (1) , pp. 1-4. 10.1017/eis.2016.3

Egede, Edwin 2016. Africa and deep seabed mining in the area. Presented at: Africa Union Commission(AUC) Conference on Maritime Governance for Sustainable Development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25 July 2016.

Egede, Edwin 2016. The area: sponsoring states of convenience and developing states. Presented at: 3rd Hamburg International Environmental Conference 2016 - A Sea Change for Sustainable Ocean Resource Governance, Hamburg, Germany, 15 - 16 April 2016.

Egede, Edwin 2016. Institutional gaps in the 2050 Africa's Integrated Maritime Strategy. Iilwandle Zethu: Journal of Ocean Law and Governance in Africa 2016 (1) , pp. 1-27.

Egede, Edwin 2016. Military uses of the seabed. Among others, the Seabed Arms Control Treaty. Presented at: University of Oslo, Faculty of Law - Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Workshop on New uses and abuses of the seabed - legal challenges., Oslo, Norway, 3 June 2016.

Egede, Edwin and Egede, Hephzibah 2016. The force of the community in the Niger Delta of Nigeria: propositions for new oil and gas legal and contractual arrangements. Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 25 (1) , pp. 45-88.

Eklundh, Emmy 2016. El soberano fantasmático: Las implicaciones políticas de la apropiación de Laclau por parte de Podemos. Relaciones Internacionales 31 , pp. 111-136.

Evans, Adam 2016. ‘Too old a country … too long accustomed to regard her life as one and indivisible’: England and the Speaker’s Conference on Devolution. Contemporary British History 31 (3) , pp. 366-383. 10.1080/13619462.2016.1245620

Evans, Adam B. 2016. A lingering diminuendo? The conference on devolution,1919–20. Parliamentary History 35 (3) , pp. 315-335. 10.1111/1750-0206.12238

Evans, Adam B. 2016. Wales as nation or region? The Conference on Devolution's Judiciary sub-committee, 1919–20. Welsh History Review 28 (1) , pp. 146-173. 10.16922/whr.28.1.6


Harrington, Anne I. 2016. Power, violence, and nuclear weapons. Critical Studies on Security 4 (1) , pp. 91-112. 10.1080/21624887.2016.1177784

Heinz, Dominic 2016. Coordination in budget policy after the second federal reform: beyond unity and diversity. German Politics 25 (2) , pp. 286-300. 10.1080/09644008.2016.1165211

Hughes, Hannah 2016. The global environment. In: Guillaume, Xavier and Bilgin, Pınar eds. Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology, London: Routledge, pp. 136-144.


Johnston, Ron, Pattie, Charles, Scully, Roger and Cutts, David 2016. Constituency campaigning and canvassing for support at the 2011 National Assembly of Wales election. Politics 36 (1) , pp. 49-62. 10.1111/1467-9256.12098


Levi, Ron, Hagan, John and Dezalay, Sara 2016. International courts in atypical political environments: the interplay of prosecutorial strategy, evidence and court authority in international criminal law. Law and Contemporary Problems 79 (1) , pp. 289-314.


Marchi, Anna and Marsh, Steve 2016. Churchill, Fulton and the Anglo-American special relationship: setting the agenda? Journal of Transatlantic Studies 14 (4) , pp. 365-382. 10.1080/14794012.2016.1230258

Marsh, Stephen 2016. The United States, Iran and the oil weapon. In: Lifset, R. ed. American Energy Policy in the 1970s, University of Oklahoma Press, pp. 93-122.

Mugabi, Ivan. K 2016. Armed conflicts as impediments to enforcing the State centric nature of human rights obligations. Case study of the convention on rights of persons with disabilities. SSRN Electronic Journal:Public International Law: Human Rights eJournal , pp. 1-11. 10.2139/ssrn.2776744

Mugabi, Ivan. K 2016. Distinguishing the territories controlled by Armenia from those of Armenians: decision in Chiragov and Others v. Armenia of 16 June 2015. SSRN Electronic Journal: Public International Law: Human Rights eJournal , pp. 1-7. 10.2139/ssrn.2723927


Peled, Yael and Bonotti, Matteo 2016. Tongue-tied: Rawls, political philosophy and metalinguistic awareness. American Political Science Review 110 (4) , pp. 798-811. 10.1017/S0003055416000393

Poole, Ed Gareth, Ifan, Guto and Jones, Richard Wyn 2016. Government expenditure and revenue Wales 2016. [Technical Report]. Cardiff: Wales Governance Centre. Available at:


Radchenko, Sergey 2016. The Soviet Union and the Cold War arms race. In: Mahnken, Thomas, Maiolo, Joseph and Stevenson, David eds. Arms Races in International Politics: From the 19th to the 21st Century, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 158-175. (DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198735267.003.0008)

Riley, David Daniel 2016. UK-US relations and the South Asian crisis, 1971. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

Roberts, Peri and Sutch, Peter 2016. The global commons and international distributive justice. In: Boisen, Camilla and Murray, Matthew C. eds. Distributive Justice Debates In Political and Social Thoughts: Perspectives on Finding a Fair Share, Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought, New York and Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 230-250.


Thornton, Stephen Lascelles 2016. Lessons from New Delhi. [Online]. Sheffield: Crick Centre, Sheffield University. Available at:


Williams, Gareth 2016. Bailouts, bankruptcy and the bonfire of the QUANGOs: the track record of economic development programmes in the South Wales Valleys and Detroit. MPhil Thesis, Cardiff University.
Item availability restricted.

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