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Scholz, Trebor and Calzada, Igor 2021. Datu-kooperatibak pandemia sasoian. TU Lankide

Calzada, Igor 2021. Pandemic citizenship: Will COVID-19 reinforce nation-states' borders and liquify citizens? Academia Letters 10.20935/AL910

Scholz, Trebor and Calzada, Igor 2021. Cooperativas de dados para tempos pandêmicos. [Online]. DigiLabour. Available at:

Scholz, Trebor and Calzada, Igor 2021. Data cooperatives for pandemic times. Public Seminar

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Calzada, Igor 2021. Smart city citizenship in the sharing economy. Presented at: Sharing Cultures: 7th International Workshop on Sharing Economy, Barcelona, Spain, 24-26 February 2021.

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Calzada, Igor 2021. Postpandemic technopolitical democracy: algorithmic nations, data sovereignty, digital rights, and data cooperatives. In: Calzada, Igor ed. Democratic deepening: Emerging forms of scales for developing democracy and citizen participation, [Democratic deepening: Emerging forms of scales for developing democracy and citizen participation]. Berlin: Springer,

Calzada, Igor 2021. Arrakala eta Lubaki Digitalak/Digital Divide and Cleavages. [Online]. Available at:

Bustard, John and Calzada, Igor 2021. The innovation imperative in smart cities and smart tourism: a call for collaboration toward building and sharing knowledge of patterns of success in sustainable living and climate renewal. Presented at: ENTER21, Virtual, 19-22 January 2021.
Item availability restricted.

Calzada, Igor 2021. Digital transformations and how it is changing our lifes: origins, processes, promises & perils. Presented at: IntoEU, Brussels, Belgium, 2 February 2021. European Commission,

Calzada, Igor 2021. Data and platform co-operatives amidst the European algorithmic and liquid citizenship. Presented at: Data Justice 2021: Civic Participation in the Datafied Society, Cardiff, Wales, 20-21 May 2021.

Calzada, Igor 2021. Humanidades digitales globales para descifrar la ‘ciudadanía pandémica’. El Correo
Item availability restricted.

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Calzada, Igor 2020. COVID-19 + Brexit. [Online]. Berria. Available at:

Calzada, Igor 2020. Algorithmic governance & AI in the post COVID-19 society // Herrigintza algoritmikoa eta adimen artifiziala post COVID-19 gizartean. Galde 29

Almirall, Esteve and Calzada, Igor 2020. Europe needs a revolution in the administration. [Online]. esade. Available at:

Calzada, Igor 2020. TeknoPolitika // TechnoPolitics. [Online].

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